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What exactly a company profile is?

A company profile is a written and well-designed detailed report about a business firm, company, or even an organization. But for Non-profit and related sectors, it is called an Organization Profile. Small, Mid, and Mega business needs a company profile to grab the attention of their potential customers and investors. Most of the successful company profiles try to describe the complete journey of the company from the start to the current situation in a storytelling process.

In this article, I am trying to share the complete guidelines with my previous clients  5 original contents and editable designs you can download, edit, and use for your project.

Purpose of writing and designing a company profile?

Before writing and designing your company profile focus on the main purpose of this profile. If you want to tell your audience to get services or purchase your products then you have to add the basic elements we are going to discuss here, and if you want to get funds from your investors then you have to add your financial reports additionally. 

Main purpose company profiles cover:

Promoting Brand

Promotion is everywhere, in this digital age, a well-written and professional design grabs people’s attention. So the basic purpose of a company profile is building the brand on social media and offline fields. The 5 projects I added here are good examples you can get.

Generate Sales of Services/ Products

Another core purpose of a company profile is to generate sales of the product and services. A company profile helps generate sales by reaching the right audience. 

Managing Funds

When your target is to manage funds from investors, in most cases they want a detailed financial report with the background of the company.

Marketing to Others

There are various kinds of company profiles some are only two pages some are 10 to 12 pages some are 30 to 40 pages. The highest number of pages I designed for the company profile is about 120 pages. It depends on the company size, financial reports, and specific requirements of the company. The small profile is also used as a marketing asset or material.

Compete with others

Numbers or assets or pieces of equipment help any business boost its business and outcomes. A well-crafted company profile is a valuable asset of a business. Business who has a beautiful organized profile are always a step forward from those who doesn’t have a proper company profile.

Chose a Written and Design Layout for your Company Profile

First, you have to decide the page count and design layout for the profile, it could start from a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of 50 pages (it’s the standard page count but the sky is the limit. In this article, I am going to provide 5 examples of real company profile with editable design files and all 5 profile has a maximum of 20 pages. And click the link below to design the files you chose for your profile or you can grab all. For the print layout, I prefer an A4 size design because it is easy to print on your personal or office printer at any time.

Key fundamentals you have to put in your company profile

  1. Name, Address, Contact Info
  2. About Us
  3. Message from the Founder/ CEO
  4. Our Vision
  5. Our Mision
  6. Core Values
  7. Our Services
  8. Our professionals/ Employees
  9. Past Project Details
  10. Client Logo or Details
  11. Client Testimonials 
  12. Company Organogram
  13. Concluding Remarks

Let’s Discuss those points a bit.

  1. Name, Address, Contact Info

Most Important Information in your profile, because it’s also a Call to Action (CTA) for you. If your potential clients are near form your office, they might feel to have a visit or call you sometime. Another key factor could be the website address you are adding to the company profile, and the phone number is also a trigger. 

  1. About Us

Almost everyone likes stories, so give your audience a wonderful story with your company profile. Clarify your passion your hobby and the relation between your company and your hobby. And what exactly you are offering to solve for your customers? You have to define with full confidence that you or your them are very professional in your skills and there is passion and a long story behind your organization.

  1. Message from the Founder/ CEO

The founder is the main player in a successful firm or organization, so you can put a powerful message from the CEO and Co-Founder if applicable. A professional style of a company profile desire for having a part for the CEO or Director Message.

  1. Our Vision

It’s a big question why does your company exist? A vision statement provides details on where your business aspires to go. Almost 99 company profiles put the Our Mision section with a cool design in their profile

  1. Our Mission

Like vision statements mission statement is necessary for a well-designed company profile to define the organization’s business, its objectives, and how it will reach these objectives.

  1. Core Values

Core value is an essential part of a company profile, if you can put a catchy infographic in your company profile, it will boost your profile’s acceptability. The number of core values could be in three to 7 points. You can see examples from my added editable company profile files.

  1. Our Services

The most important part of a company profile is crafting the services or products. Make separate points for every service and product. Try to put every possible detail you can discuss about your business. Try to learn about your customers’ psychology and write and design your services area in the profile.

  1. Our professionals/ Employees

Team and related professionals are the real power of your business so always try to keep the best team members in your business, and don’t forget to represent your team skills and qualifications on the profile.

  1. Past Project Details

Always remember your company profile is a big marketing element, if you gain some previous work samples then add their details, images, and of course brand color and graphics. It will help you gain trust and confidence for the next possible projects.

  1. Client Logo or Details

Keep One page for your previous client’s logo, just putting their logo is standard, but if you want you can also put their name as well. Most of my previous company profile clients liked only clients’ logos without any text or title. Select anyone you like, I’ve shared 5 files with editable access.

  1. Client Testimonials 

If you want a non-print version of the profile to use on your website you can design this section in a very procreative way, instead of the website portrait you can also design and write on the print version of the business profile. Try to write honest reviews of your customers.

  1. Company Organogram

A simple organogram/ company chain of command visual table or infographic is a good choice to add to the profile. A quick look is enough to show the reader about the managemental structure of your company.

  1. Concluding Remarks

Let’s end the profile now, so you have to write a concluding remark with a hook, push your audiences to contact or visit your business, and on the back page put your logo, tagline, and CTA. You can see every sample I added with this style.

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